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LH 370 Frankfurt 10:20
LH 372 Frankfurt 14:05
W6 7725 Skopje 15:00
LH 374 Frankfurt 17:20
T7 037 Toulouse 19:50
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W6 4112 Belgrad 08:20
LH 373 Frankfurt 10:55
LH 375 Frankfurt 14:40
W6 7726 Skopje 15:30
LH 377 Frankfurt 17:50
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At, the Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen provides various promotional materials. The spaces and locations of the advertising spaces are geared toward various end devices


Skyscraper on desktop
Skyscraper on desktop
Skyscraper on mobile end device
Skyscraper on mobile end device

Medium Rectangle

Medium Rectangle
Medium Rectangle

Display of advertising spaces by end devices

Width of the screen resolutionSkyscraperMedium rectangle
< 768 px 300x75 px  –
< 1200 px 1024x256 px 300x250 px
> 1200 px 160x600 px 300x250 px

To reserve advertising spaces, contact

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