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AV 121 Los Angeles 09:00
BA 2756 London-Gatwick 09:00
LH 370 Frankfurt 10:25
AV 900 Istanbul-Sab.Gö 13:30
LH 372 Frankfurt 14:00
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LH 371 Frankfurt 07:30
BA 2757 London-Gatwick 10:50
LH 373 Frankfurt 11:00
ST 8812 Fuerteventura 12:50
AV 6000 Colombo 13:00
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Passengers & Visitors

Embark on your journey completely relaxed. The following pages provide you with information about everything important you need to know about the topics of arrival, parking and checking-in. This ensures that you can optimally prepare for your trip and not have to worry about the organisation.

If you still have questions or need help, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly service staff.

Arrivals & Departures

All current flight information is clearly presented for you: Find out when flights are scheduled to depart from and land at Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen.

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Schedule & Destination Map

The most important information for interested travellers. You can find a precise overview of our flights here.

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Know exactly where you are. Find out about the different parking possibilities at Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen here.

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Many roads lead to Friedrichshafen. Simply select the means of transportation that is most suitable to you.

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Map of the area

Never lose your way. Even a brief glance at the maps of the area saves you tiresome searching and helps you get directly to your destination.

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Questions & Answers

The correct answer is always available. Read helpful answers to the most frequent questions of our passengers and visitors.

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Accessible travel

True wanderlust knows no barriers. All you need to know about flying with a handicap can be found on these pages.

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The airlines and tour operators at Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen Arrive at your destination safely and reliably—with our strong partners: