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BPS1000 Wien 16:35
ENT516 Hamburg 16:50
ST 2828 Genf 17:00
ENT518 Hamburg 17:20
LH 374 Frankfurt 17:20
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IJM489 Kiew 16:00
ASF0202 Antwerpen 15:45
ASF0198 Sliac 16:00
ASF208 St. Petersburg 16:00
AV 545 Düsseldorf 17:00
AV 30 Stuttgart 18:00
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Schedule & Destination Map

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Day = 1234567 (day of service (DS)) = Monday (1) to Sunday (7)
Departing/Arriving = 00:25+1 = Arrival on the following day
via = with stop-over in XYZ

Departing Arriving Day Flight Type from to via
Departing Arriving Day Flight Type from to via
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