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Vehicle fleet

Of interest to more than just technology buffs: All the data on the vehicle fleet of Bodensee-Airport Friedrichshafen.

Commander vehicle
Commander vehicle

Commander vehicle

Radio call name Florian Flughafen 1/10-1 
Mobile radio Rot 2
Manufacturer Daimler Benz AG
Radio system expansion Fa. Wolfrum


Radio call name Florian Flughafen 1/85
Mobile radio Rot 1
Manufacturer Daimler Benz AG
Chassis MB 310/33 all-wheel
Vehicle body Fa. Binz
Fire brigade vehicle FLF 8x8
Fire brigade vehicle FLF 8x8

FLF 8x8 13.500/250 airport fire brigade vehicle

Radio call names Florian Flughafen 1/25-3 
Mobile radio Rot 4
Vehicle data  
Vehicle engine performance 735 kW (1000 metric HP) 12 cyl. M.A. level.
Acceleration 0-80 km/h approx. 24 sec
Maximum speed 135 km/h
Pump motor performance 229 kW (311 metric HP) 6 cyl.M.A.N
Water tank capacity 12,000 litres
Foam tank capacity 1,500 litres
Pump performance 6,000 litres/min
Extinguishing agent output 2500/5000 litres/min at 10 bar
Roof monitor 85 m thrust range
Extinguishing agent output 1,000/2,000 litres/min at 10 bar
Front monitor 60 m thrust range
Dry chemical extinguisher 250 kg
Powder output 10 kg/sec
Length 11,700 mm
Width 2,900 mm
Height 3,500 mm
Total weight 38 t
Additional load 1 pneumatically extendible lamp post with 4x 1,000 watt halogen spotlight,
1 generator
Fire brigade vehicle FLF
Fire brigade vehicle FLF

FLF 60/88-12 MB 3255 AF/38 airport fire brigade vehicle

Radio call name Florian Flughafen 1/25-2
Mobile radio Rot 5
BOS radio system 1/25-2
Vehicle manufacturer Daimler-Benz
Type Mercedes Benz 3255 AF/38
Engine V 10-cylinder fuel-injection diesel engine OM 443 LA
Performance 401 kw (545 metric HP) at 2100 rpm
Drive 6x6 all-wheel with differential lock, automatic transmission with torque converter
Tyres 6x, 18.00x20.5 tapered bead seats for 24 R20,5 XS single-tyred
Acceleration: 0-80 km/h approx. 35sec.
Speed 108 km/h
max. application weight 30,500 kg
Total permissible weight 36,000 kg
Overall dimensions, LxWxH 8850x3000x4200 mm
Water tank 8,800 litres
Foam tank 1,200 litres AFFF 3%
Extinguishing system Ziegler FP 60/10-2H centrifugal fire pump with Trockomat ventilation
Pump motor MB-206 (280 metric HP)
Performance 6,500 litres/min. at 10 bar
Roof-mounted water cannon Ziegler ZKW 45/22,5 EFP combination water cannon, electrically controlled remotely from driver's cab, comb. switching device 4,500 litres/min. and 2,250 litres/min. and pneumatically adjustable deflector
Water thrust range 85 m at 4,500 litres/min., 65 m at 2,250 litres/min
Foam thrust range 75 m at 4,500 litres/min., 58 m at 2,250 litres/min
Cannon swivel range 330 degrees horizontal, - 15 to +60 degrees vertical
Self-protection system 3 fan nozzles beneath the bumper, thrust range approx. 7 m, thrust width approx. 6 m, 3 floor nozzles on the first rear axle, performance for each nozzle 120 litres/min
Rapid intervention A wheel that can be swung out on the left and right with a 50m dimensionally stable NW 25 pressure hose and spray pistol at 200 litres/min. in the
equipment room
Airport fire brigade vehicle
Airport fire brigade vehicle

Airport fire brigade vehicle

Radio call name Florian Flughafen 1/52 
Mobile radio Rot 8
Manufacturer Daimler Benz AG
Vehicle body Fa.Ziegler
Airport fire brigade vehicle Panther
Airport fire brigade vehicle Panther

Airport fire brigade vehicle

Type MAN 38.1000 VFAEG/8x8
Engine type MAN-V12 diesel mid-engine, Euro 2
Engine performance 735 kW (1000 metric HP) at 2300 rpm
Transmission Renk automatic transmission
Engine pre-heating Electric, 230 V / 2 kW
Cabin design ROSENBAUER aluminium cabin, tiltable, Occupation: 1 + 2
Construction material  
  ROSENBAUER AT aluminium design (equipment design with aluminium technology)
self-supporting screwed-on and glued aluminium sheet construction, cabin reinforced with aluminium profiles, steel bumpers
Extinguishing agent  
Water tank capacity 12,500 litres
GRP foam tank capacity 2 x 750 litres
GRP dry chemical extinguisher 500 kg
Pump system  
  Midship-installed engine-pump unit with ROSENBAUER ND pump type R600
Engine performance 229 kW (311 metric HP) at 2200 rpm
Pump performance at ND bar 6000 litres/min at 10 bar
Foam proportioning system NDND Automatic ROSENBAUER FOAMATIC RVMA 500 system
Front cannon  
  ROSENBAUER RM8E water/AFFF cannon, electrically remote-controlled
Performance 1000 litres/min
Thrust range max. 42 m
High Reach Extendible Turret (HRET)  
  HRET with cannon and piercing nozzle
Type Snorkel
Working height/range 14 m / 10 m
Turret turning range 15° left/right
Turret swivel range -178°/+85°
Cannon rotation range 90° left and right
Drive Hydraulic using a separate unit
Operation Using joystick in the cabin, emergency control on HRET
Performance approx. 4700 litres/min at 10 bar
HRET equipment  
  Automatic level regulation, halogen headlamp, partial-value adjustment
  Piercing nozzle with automatic feed, hydraulically driven flow: 567 litres/min at 10 bar
Rapid intervention hose reel ROSENBAUER ND water/foam reel
Hose type Dimensionally stable rubber hose
Hose length/DN 60 m / DN 25
Jet tube type SERVO-NEPIRO
Rapid intervention hose reel  
  ROSENBAUER powder reel with 40/DN 25 m dimensionally stable hose and powder pistol
Self-protection system  
  Number/performance, 7 pc. ground-level spray nozzles
Technical figures  
Total permissible weight 40,000 kg
L x W x H 12.00 x 3.00 x 3.9 m
Maximum speed 138 km/h
Acceleration of 0-80 km/h 22 sec.
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